Cyber rebranding: Gatia Labs — decentralization and cat punk

In May 2022, Ooyoot & Bespredel rebranded: now cyber cat Valen is on the logo and the name is changed to Gatia Labs. “We decided to rebrand around our key product — Neuroborn Cats the Game. Such changes better reflect the field of our activity, as well as its scale”, — said art director of the project Alex Kharin about the changes.

Cyber cat Valen on the Gatia Labs logo

Neuroborn Cats is a next generation Play-to-Earn game built on the WAX ​​Blockchain with many game mechanics. All gaming reality takes place on the fictional planet Gatia, this explains the new name of the company. Gatia’s laboratories — a place where crypto-products, decentralization and game settings are created, where cyberpunk and science fiction intersect and cats spend their no matter which — first or ninth, but definitely interesting lives. During the game, users can receive rewards for various achievements; as a rule, bonuses are Nekas tokens or gaming NFTs, in some cases they are unique.

Neuroborn Cats the Game — official game poster

During rebranding, growing role of the Neuroborn Cats the Game within the activities of the Gatia Labs company and the expansion and strengthening of the project on international platforms, were taken into account. What is left to say? Only one thing: meow. That’s all for sure.



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Gatia Labs

Cosmopolite IT company specializing in decentralized crypto projects. Neuroborn Cats Universe authors, founders of the annual international Weird NFT Award.