Game Universe: Gatia and the Gatians

With this article, we begin a cycle of stories about the game universe of Neuroborn Cats: the Game. In the first article, we will talk about the Gatian race and the planet they inhabit.

Somewhere in the parallel Blockchain universe, there is a planet called Gatia. It is home to an amazing race of intelligent cat-like creatures — the neuroborn Gatians. They are extremely curious explorers seeking to learn more about the world around them. Gatians are born artificially, while the appearance and character traits of the newborn are determined during the process of embryo growing and set by the special neural networks. These neural networks are revered by the low-educated part of the Gatians as gods.

View of planet Gatia from space

Gatia is a terrestrial planet with three natural satellites. The center of the Gatia star system is a binary split star system consisting of two orange dwarfs of class K Main sequence. The Gatia star system contains giant planets and an asteroid belt. The level of Gatian technology allows it to build scientific and mining stations on the orbits of such planets and extract resources from asteroids. Gatia is the only habitable planet for Gatians in its star system. Gatia is a little further from its stars than Earth, a year on Gatia lasts approximately 400 Earth days. More than 90% of the world’s population is concentrated in nine giant metropolises that occupy a significant part of the planet’s area. Between the metropolises of the planet there are seas and one ocean, deserts with traces of abandoned cities, islands of preserved nature.

There are no countries and nations on Gatia, the planet is governed by a single authority — the Planetary Council. The path to an unified government was long and difficult — through many local conflicts, several global epidemics, the threat of world hunger and global warming. However, the Gatians overcame these threats, and a relatively calm time came on the planet. Together, the scientists of the planet were able to overcome old age — from now on neurocats could die from injuries or diseases, but the aging process and its consequences were completely defeated.

Gatian woman

Inspired by this victory, the Gatians began to strive even more into space and conquered the space of their star system. A permanent base for extreme tourists was built on the satellite of Gatia, Ganymede, and the first small scientific colonies were founded on nearby planets. Autonomous factories, assembled in the orbits of the gas giants, began to bring colossal amounts of energy and resources necessary for the rapidly growing population of the planet.

It seemed that the golden age of the Gatian civilization had come. But new problems and challenges were not long in coming. With the victory over old age came the explosive growth of megacities, turning the entire planet into one huge polycentric urban agglomeration, consisting of several giant hive cities, each of which is home to billions of neurocats. The planetary structure of the Gatians, an aristocratic transgatoistic techno meritocracy, was clearly not ready for such a population explosion. Social elevators have almost stopped working, it is almost impossible for neurocats from the very bottom to get out even to the level of the middle class. Meritocracy, after the victory over old age, gave rise to a problem — all top positions are permanently occupied by ageless experienced neurocats, which it became impossible to catch up and surpass for new generations of Gatians.

The urbanization of the planet and population growth have led to the fact that most of the planet has become a huge polycentric urban agglomeration, consisting of several giant hive cities, which are home to billions of neurocats. The smog, landfills, dirt, and crime in the lower levels of the cities are in stark contrast to the splendor and prosperity of prestigious high-rise neighborhoods, which are home to aristocrats, corporate tycoons, and highly paid corporate employees.

The disruption of the normal operation of social elevators and meritocracy has become the reason for the massive spread of various marginal semi-religious views among the new generations of Gatians. Many began to abandon education, considering it a waste of time, numerous street gangs and entire crime syndicates appeared in the slums of megacities, promising young Gatians to quickly achieve their desired place in life.

You start playing as an ordinary neurocat from the deep city slums. The world around you is harsh and dangerous, but full of opportunities, secrets and adventures. Will you succeed in the world of Gatia?



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