Neuroborn Cats Eternal Whitelist Pass

Today we will tell you about the Eternal Whitelist Pass and its utility in the game Neuroborn Cats. We will release this NFT in the near future, in a limited edition. Most of the passes will be raffled among our community in a giveaway event. Follow our announcements not to miss the giveaway! We will distribute the rest among the project’s advisors, influencers (for game reviews) and among the people who helped us to create the project from its earliest stages.

Eternal Whitelist Pass

The main benefit of the Eternal Whitelist Pass is the ability to participate in all our paid gaming NFT drops before the rest of the community. But not all — Eternal Pass will also give you a powerful set of bonuses in the game staking system:

  • Strength +5

In addition to staking bonuses, all pass holders will receive a unique character frame. It will be displayed on the screen before the battle, in battles, and on the page with general information about the character.

Basic gatoid avatar with Eternal Whitelist Pass frame
Eternal Whitelist Pass frame in battle interface

You will also get a special role “Eternal Cat” on our discord server. But that’s not all! Owning the Eternal Whitelist Pass will allow you to buy any game merch at a discount in our official store and take part in various events of our company!

Beware of scammers! The real pass is at this link —, everything else is a scam!



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